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[Fixed] Google Search Box Shows Recent Searches Default

Google Box Shows Recent Searches Default

Google has changed the default behavior of the search box on the home page. Now, when you go to Google’s home page, the search box will automatically expand to show you your most recent searches.

Seeing these recent searches automatically expand below the search box, before you even click into the search box to enter your search query, feels awkward. It almost feels like this is a bug. This quickly loads the Google app and lists all of your most recent Google Box Shows Recent Searches Default from across your gadgets and web browsers. If you spot a search you’re not too keen on your mum spying – simply tap and hold on the text.


Google Search Box Shows Recent Searches Default

How to Fix Google Box Shows Recent Searches Default – Luckily, there is a fast and easy trick that lets you instantly delete the Google search from your smartphone and every other device associated with your Google Account at the same time. This will summon an alert asking if you want to delete the web search from your Google history. Hit Delete and your embarrassment will be gone for good.

google search

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Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that this is not the behavior they want and it was likely a bug. “We launched the ability to see past searches by clicking the searchbox earlier this year. However, past searches should not be appearing immediately on page load, so we are working to fix this issue,” a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land.

Another simple trick to keep your browsing history private is to surf the web using a Private or Incognito window. On an iPhone you can do this by tapping the two squares at the bottom right of the Safari app and then tap Private. If you’re using Chrome on an Android device tap the three dots in the search bar and select New Incognito tab.

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